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What's Provided

  • Lodging

  • All meals

  • Beverages

  • Game processing and packaging

What to Bring

  • Hunting license, Purchase here

  • Shotgun (20 gauge minimum)

  • Hunting attire (please check weather prior to arrival)

  • Waders and knee boots (limited waders available)

  • Ammo (limited inventory available to purchase)

  • Method to transport harvest

Duck Hunting

We present a variety of locations for duck hunting, such as flooded timber, stand-up blinds in willow sloughs, pits in flooded fields, or a large blind on a 25-acre lake. Everything is within a short crew-cab UTV ride from the lodge. Stay in the action but comfortable, as most of our blinds and hunting situations will keep you out of the water and protected from the elements. In addition to hundreds of acres of food, we have the ability to present hundreds of acres of water to suspecting wintering waterfowl, all tied together in the same area. We stress the importance of pressure on the ducks and how we manage it. We aim to hunt trafficking ducks flying from feeding areas to resting areas. We even go as far as paying close attention to how we navigate the property to make sure not to add any unnecessary pressure or stress to resting waterfowl.




We have fields with flooded rice, corn, milo, millet, and moist soil habitat. Pits are located on levees for ease of access. Skid blinds are available to deploy at a moment's notice.



Flooded Timber

We offer a variety of stand and flooded timber hunting options. Timber hunt from our large green timber impoundment, or depending on conditions, we can hunt up 300 acres of flooded green timber.



Approximately 200 acres of flooded willows, oaks, flooded corn, and bottomland buckbrush provide a season-long draw for wintering waterfowl. Enjoy hunting these areas comfortably from the Redneck Waterfowl Blinds filled with our nice Banded high back chairs. 

Duck Hunting

Deer Hunting

Back by popular demand!

Hunt whitetail from one of many spacious and safe enclosed tower stands overlooking large lush food plots and feeders attracting wildlife. Or, clip into one of the Summit Safety-Link Systems and scale a safe 21 ft ladder stand with your bow for a chance at an archery whitetail. Our whitetail hunting is 100% free-range. Crossbow, compound, or recurve bows are acceptable. Minimum 40lb draw weight with a minimum 100 grain fixed or mechanical broadhead. The minimum rifle caliber is .243. AR-style rifles are acceptable if chambered larger than .223 or 5.56.

Deer Hunting

Quail Hunting

Hunt bob-white quail through our savannah prairie or plantation pines and over a beautiful English Pointer partnered with a Labrador Retriever flush dog.

Quail Hunting

Alligator Hunting

Check for tag availability. Hunts available the month of September. 

Alligator Hunting
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