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Keep reading to learn about our guided hunts, where we're located, and what to expect while in the field.

Waterfowl Hunting

  1. Check in is at 4:00 PM

  2. You will be greeted by a lodge representative who will assist you with all of the necessary paperwork. 

  3. You will then be assigned a locker for all of your hunting gear. If you will be renting/buying equipment (waders, shells, guns, etc.) your representative will place items in your locker. 

  4. At this time, you will be taken to your room. 

  5. Before dinner, you are free to enjoy the lodge and the optional activities we offer. 

  6. Dinner is served between 6:00 and 7:00 PM. There is no special attire required. 

  7. During or after dinner, hunt groups will be assigned and posted. 

  8. The rest of the evening is yours. Our outdoor patio is the perfect place to kick back, light a cigar and enjoy the game!

  9. The morning of the hunt, a continental breakfast will be provided starting at 5 AM.  

  10. Hunters must be ready and completely geared up promptly at their assigned departure time. This is typically between 5:45 to 6:15 AM. 

  11. After the hunt, roughly around 11 AM,  a full lunch is served. There is no afternoon duck hunting. We like to provide the waterfowl a safe and peaceful environment in the afternoons. 

  12. Upland hunts are offered to hunters staying another night at 2:00 pm. 

  13. For those not upland hunting, enjoy the lodge until dinner. 

  14. Upon your departure, all birds will have been process and vacuum sealed for you to take back home.

  15. If this is your final day, departure is after lunch.​​

Upland Hunting w/ Lodging

  1. Check in is 4:00 PM; If arrival will be later, please notify us so we can plan accordingly. 

  2. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a lodge representative. 

  3. The lodge representative will show you to your room in the lodge, followed by a locker assignment for all of your hunting gear in our locker room. (If you will be buying shotgun shells, a representative will place them in your locker.) 

  4. Please relax, unwind, and enjoy the lodge and its amenities. 

  5. Dinner is served nightly around 7:00 PM. . 

  6. Details about the following days hunt will be discussed during dinner by one of our guides. 

  7. The rest of the evening is yours. Our outdoor patio is the perfect place to kick back, light a cigar by a warm fireplace, and enjoy the evening!

  8. Each morning, breakfast will be provided starting at 8 a.m. (Times may vary due to weather and conditions.)  

  9. Following breakfast, your upland hunt will commence. 

  10. Lunch is served daily after the hunt. 

  11. Game will be cleaned and packaged daily for transport. You will collect your vacuum sealed game upon departure.

  12. If blessed to stay another night, your guide will give further details about the remainder of the day.

  13. If this is your final day, check-out will follow lunch.

Upland Hunting w/o Lodging

(Day Hunters & Guests)

  1. If you are an upland day hunter without lodging, please contact the lodge manager, Caleb Justice (478) 972-9321, 24 hrs prior to arrival. 

  2. Arrival time could vary depending on weather conditions for the scheduled hunt.

  3. Unless notified or discussed prior to arrival, hunts will be in the mornings. 

  4. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a lodge representative. At this time any necessary paperwork will be handled. 

  5. Shortly after, your hunt will commence. . 

  6. Post hunt, please relax and enjoy the lodge while your game is cleaned and vacuum sealed for transport.

If you have any questions/requests prior to your arrival, please reach out to Caleb Justice at (478) 972-9321

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